Private Land Management

Private land management to promote conservation practices

  • Install drainage pipes
  • Clean and regrade ditches
  • Manage overgrown vegetation
  • Construct habitats, such as wildlife ponds
  • Control and repair erosion
  • Install and replace catch basins
  • Design and install water control structure

Fill out the form on this page or call 302-856-2105.

Need help managing your land? Our project managers are available for no-cost consultations. Private projects can range from a small re-grading job at a private residence to relieve standing water to building multiple ponds.

Need pipes? We’ve got them. We offer a variety of lengths and diameters of plastic and galvanized pipes for sale to the public. Use them for driveway crossings, farm and irrigation crossings, and controlled inlets. 

For specific size availability, call 302-856-2105. 

Project videos



Keenwick West
Stonewater Creek
The Salt Pond