Helpful Links

Please use the below helpful links for information related to the work completed at the Sussex Conservation District. 

Canon Envirothon 

North America's largest high school environmental education competition. Here you can find information on education, state programs and meetings, as well as the competition itself.

University of Delaware Spatial Analysis Lab

Look here for soils maps and information, orthophotography (aerial photos) and watershed delineations.

Delaware Nutrient Management Program

Find information on nutrient management plans, CAFO regulations, manure relocation, cost-assistance and much more.

Nutrient Management

A tool to manage need for, timing and application of nutrients to protect the quality of our ground and surface water.

Delaware Department of Agriculture

University of Delaware Cooperative Extension

Conservation Plans

A whole farm plan which addresses each and every need of soil, water, air, people and animals.

Natural Resources Conservation Service


Soil Sampling

Determines existing nutrient levels to make any adjustments, if necessary, as determined by the University of Delaware.


University of Delaware Soil Testing Program

Web Soil Survey


Pre sidedress Nitrogen Testing (PSNT)

PSNT is a spring soil test that provides to the farmer accurate information about the nitrogen capacity of a soil. Utilized by the District since 1992, PSNT testing and manure analysis together create a gauge of available nutrients which enables precise fertilizer adjustments.
PSNT Fact Sheet



Sussex Conservation's Programs