Sediment & Stormwater Plan Review & Approval

Program Overview

Delaware’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control is responsible for implementation of the Sediment and Stormwater Management Program initiated July 1, 1991. The responsibility to administer this program was delegated to the Sussex Conversation District for the entire county.

The District’s responsibilities under Delaware's Sediment and Stormwater Regulations include the following:

  1. Review Sediment and Stormwater Management Plans for compliance with Delaware’s Regulations.
  2. Approve Sediment and Stormwater Management Plans.
  3. Inspect the construction and compliance of approved Sediment and Stormwater Management Plans.
  4. Annual inspection of permanent Stormwater Facilities.
  5. Assist and educate local communities on management of stormwater facilities.

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Plan Requirements

A Sediment and Stormwater Management Plan is required when land disturbing activity is 5,000 square feet or greater. The Sediment and Stormwater Management Plan is to be submitted to the District for review and no site work is to commence until the plan has been approved.

Land disturbing activity can be defined as “change or construction activity for residential, commercial, silvicultural, industrial, and institutional land use which may result in soil erosion from water or wind or movement of sediments or pollutants into State waters or onto lands in the State, or which may result in accelerated stormwater runoff, including, but not limited to, clearing, grading, excavating, transporting and filling of land.” (Section 2 #19)

Those activities that are exempt from submitting a Sediment and Stormwater Management Plan include the following:

  1. Activities for agricultural land management practices
  2. Projects in which construction disturbs less than 5,000 square feet
  3. Land activities that are regulated under specific State or Federal laws
  4. Projects which are emergency in nature and are necessary to protect life or property. The appropriate plan approval agency shall determine and approve of the emergency nature of the project.

To initiate the plan review process, the following items must be submitted to the Sussex Conservation District:

  1. Completed application signed by the owner
  2. One set of plans and calculations
  3. Completed Checklist
  4. Review fee

If any of the above items have not been provided or an incomplete stormwater management plan has been submitted, the District reserves the right to return the plan without initiating the review process. The normal review time for plans will be 30 days from the time a complete submittal package is received by SCD.

Stormwater Management Facilities

All submitted Sediment and Stormwater Management Plans must adequately address how stormwater quantity and quality treatment will be achieved.

Quantity Management:

Projects are to be designed to release the peak discharge for the 2 and 10-year frequency storms at a rate not to exceed the pre-development peak discharge rates for the 2 and 10-year frequency storm events. Calculations provided to the District are to include the 100-year storm elevation and must demonstrate safe conveyance of that storm. Quality Management: Stormwater management practices must achieve an 80 percent reduction in suspended solids load after a site has been developed.

Stormwater Maintenance

Pond Management Guidebook  Maintain Private Roadside Swales
Stormwater Pond Parts   Bioswale Maintenance Fact Sheet    Swale Fact Sheet    Swale Maintenance Fact Sheet


All approved projects are required to schedule a pre-construction meeting with the Sussex Conservation District prior to the commencement of any site disturbance. The District Inspector will monitor the site developments on a weekly or biweekly basis depending on the phase of construction. District inspection procedures include the following:

  1. Pre-construction meeting prior to site disturbance.
  2. Implementation of erosion and sediment control practices as specified on the approved Sediment and Stormwater Plan.
  3. District Inspector monitors compliance with the approved plan and generates inspection reports to guide the contractor and developer through various phases of construction.
  4. Inspect the construction of the stormwater management facility.
applications & forms

Standard Plan Residential (Fillable Form)                                                   
Standard Plan Non-Residential Application
Standard Plan for Sidewalk & Trail
Standard Plan General
Standard Plan Application for Linear Disturbance
Standard Plan Application for Stormwater Maintenance
Standard Plan Application for Demolition

Poultry House Sediment & Stormwater Standard Plan Checklist
Ag Post Verification Form

Standard Plan Fee Schedule
Detailed Plan Review Fee Schedule
Poultry Plan Fee Schedule

Step 1

Project Application Meeting - Stormwater Assessment Study (SAS) Checklist
Step 2
Preliminary Sediment and Stormwater Plan Checklist
Suggestions for Sheet Layouts
Combined Step 2 & 3
Combined Step 2 & 3 Checklist
Step 3
Sediment and Stormwater Plan Checklist
Sediment & Stormwater Application
Sediment & Stormwater Fee Schedule

Vegetated Channel
Filter Strips
Sand Filters
Underground Storage Facilities

CCR Application
CCR Site Review Report 
Pond Construction Checklist

(FOIA) Freedom of Information Act
Electronic Submittal Policy
Sediment & Stormwater Permit Extension Policy
CCR Policy

Bond Memo
SCD Policy on Bonds
Stormwater Bonding Guidance
Standard Agreement
Performance Surety Bond Form
Performance Cash Bond Form
Irrevocable Letter of Credit
Warranty Surety Bond Form
Warranty Irrevocable Letter of Credit Form
Warranty Cash Bond Form

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