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Other Services

Other services offered by the District include:  

  • No Till Drill
  • Weed Wiper Services
  • Pipe Sales

The Weed Wiper Bar is a tractor that wipes or scrapes woody vegetation along ditch banks with a chemical to kill the small trees and saplings, while keeping the low lying vegetation intact for erosion control and wildlife habitat. This is an environmentally friendly alternative to mowing ditch banks and ponds.


The No-till Drill can be used for planting warm and cool season grasses, pastures, over seeding and small grains. 

Pipe Sales

A variety of lengths and diameters of plastic and galvanized pipes are available for sale to the public. Driveway crossings, farm and irrigation crossings, and controlled inlets include some of the uses. For specific sizes available, please call the District office. 



Project videos

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