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Soil Health

Soil Health is the continued capacity of soil to function as a vital living ecosytem that sustains plants, animals, and humans. Good soil health is a cornerstone of economic and environmental sustainability of a farming operation. In 2014, the Sussex Conservation District spearheaded an effort to create the Delaware Soil Health Partnership, which provides workshops and field days throughout the year to help farmers develop farm-specific strategies to improve soil health.

Virtual Soil Health Farmer Panel 8/11/20

Leaving a Soil Legacy

Chip Baker & Blaine Hitchens

Establish Cover Crops Early

Soil Health Farmers are superheroes

C.P. King uses the air seeder

Blaine Hitchens plants cover crops

Whole Farm Planning

Soil Health Field Day "Planting Green" August 20, 2019

Cover crops hard at work

Practicing Soil Health in Sussex County

Sussex County is home to six NACD Soil Health Champions. Watch Jay Baxter and Brad Ritter talk about what they are doing to improve soil health, water quality, nutrient cycling and their bottom line.