Cost Share Programs

The Sussex Conservation District administers numerous cost share programs that support the implementation of conservation practices by landowners, agricultural producers, tax ditch associations and other parties throughout the Sussex County.

RCPP Composters or Mortality Freezers     Cover Crop Program     

Conservation Cost Share      Tax Ditch Cost Share       

Vegetative Shoreline Stabilization     Poultry & Dairy Revolving Loan Fund

RCPP - Composters or Mortality Freezers

Approximately $1 million is available to help beginning farmers in Sussex County implement conservation practices to address animal mortality management on their poultry operation. Financial assistance is available through a program led by the Sussex Conservation District, in cooperation with their public and private partners, for the implementation of water quality best management practices such as composters or mortality freezers to address routine mortality. To view all details please view our Fact Sheet.

Cover Crop Program

Cover Crops are proven to be one of the easist and most effective conservation practices in Sussex County.  To promote this practice, the District's Cover Crop Program will make direct payments to farmers who plant in accordance with the program guidelines.  Participants are limited to $12,500 in cover crop assistance. In the event enrollment in the program exceeds available funding, the Sussex Conservation District reserves the right to reduce the maximum payment amount per participant. In order for land to be eligible for cover crop cost-share assistance, it must follow an annual crop (row crops/vegetables). Perennial crops, pasture and hayland are not eligible.

There are multiple other conditions and details to this program that you should read carefully. To view all details please view our Fact Sheet.

Conservation Cost Share Program

The District's Conservation Cost Share Program promotes conservation practices that improve soil and water quality while also promoting successful farming operations and wildlife habitat.  Specific areas of practice that are eligible for funding through the Conservation Cost Share Program include Erosion Control, Animal Waste Systems, Water Managment and Wildlife Habitat Development.

1. The ranking criteria only applies to animal operations that will utilize a composter, manure structure, incinerator, animal mortality freezers, huap, or animal waste system as recognized by the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

2. All applications received during the designated sign-up period will be assisted before any other application received after the sign-up period, unless the Board of Supervisors determines the need to serve another application. Records and applications will be maintained for three years and proved to the Delaware Nutrient Management Commission, if requested.

3. The person signing forms or applications for permanent structures must be the landowner or have power of attorney.

4. The Board of Supervisors has final approval of all applications and may adjust ranking priority based on local conditions, hardship, or unique circumstances.

To view all details please view our Fact Sheet.

Tax Ditch Cost Share

The Sussex Conservation District administers funds from the State of Delaware and Sussex County to assist tax ditch organizations with costs associated with maintaining the county's tax ditch systems.

To view all details please view our Fact Sheet.

Cost-Share for Vegetative Shoreline Stabilization

Sussex Conservation District, in cooperation with DNREC – Division of Water Resources and Division of Soil and Water Conservation are providing cost-share assistance for vegetative shoreline stabilization. Some projects may simply require minor grading and wetland grass planting while other projects may require major earthwork, the use of bio-stabilization products (coir fiber logs, wattles, etc.), and the use of several different types of plants. The important thing to remember is that each site is different and an approved plan and permits are required to be eligible for financial assistance.

To view all details please view our Fact Sheet.

State Revolving Fund Loan Program

The State Revolving Fund (SRF) Agricultural Nonpoint Source (AgNPSLP) Loan Program provides a source of low interest financing. This program is managed jointly by the Financial Assistance Branch, the Division of Soil and Water Conservation, and the state's Conservation Districts.

To view all details please view our Dairy Fact Sheet and our Poultry Fact Sheet.



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