Sediment & Stormwater Construction Bonding

Sediment & Stormwater Bonding Policies & Forms

As of January 1, 2014, the Sussex Conservation District is collecting financial guarantees to ensure the construction of stormwater management practices is accomplished in accordance with the approved sediment and stormwater plan.  Historically, Sussex County collected the financial guarantee on behalf of the Sussex Conservation District for requirements under the sediment and stormwater plan.  The County has recently announced it will no longer include stormwater as a part of the bonding requirements and has requested the District assume responsibility for the financial guarantee in accordance with its authority as a Delegated Agency for the Delaware Sediment and Stormwater Regulations.

Please note the financial guarantees are 150% of the construction estimate.  Not all projects are required to submit a security and a listing of exemptions can be found in the District's Financial Guarantee Policy.  Upon posting of the financial guarantee, execution of the agreement, and completion of a pre-construction meeting, the District will issue a notice to proceed for construction.

For additional assistance or to get your project started,  Project Owners, Engineers and Contractors are encouraged to contact the District's Sediment and Stormwater Program at 302-856-2105. 

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