Heavy Equipment Services

Since our early days of constructing over 1,200 miles of tax ditches to open up valuable farmland, the SCD Equipment Program continues to grow to meet the wide variety of conservation needs throughout Sussex County.  Today, SCD provides equipment services for conservation projects to the agriculture community, tax ditch organizations, residential landowners, commercial property owners, government agencies (Federal, State and Local) and community organizations to name a few.

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Our Services
  • Farmland Clearing
  • Spoil Leveling
  • Private & Tax Ditch Cleanout, Maintenance & Mowing
  • Relocation & Construction of New Ditches
  • Construction of Wildlife & Deep Fish Ponds
  • Culvert & Drainage Pipe Installations
  • Shoreline Stabilization & Restoration
  • Beach & Dune Restoration
  • No-Till Drill
  • Weed Wiper
  • Wetalnds Construction & Restoration
  • Stormwater & Drainage Projects
  • Water Control Structures
  • And More!


Let SCD assist with your next project.  Contact the District Office for more information and a free estimate!


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