Sediment & Stormwater

Since 1991, the Sussex Conservation District has served as the delegated agency in Sussex County for the administration of Delaware's Sediment and Stormwater Regulations.  As part of our delegated responsibility, the District  reviews, inspects, and per
forms maintenance inspections 
of construction projects which disturb more than 5,000 square feet. These
 projects vary from construction of small commercial sites to large golf course communities. The purpose of the stormwater program is to ensure that the property’s stormwater is maintained on site. This program continues to expand with the growth of the county. It is guided by a Stormwater Advisory Committee made up of representatives from governmental agencies, contractors, developers, engineers, and architects.  
                                                                                 SCD Sediment & Stormwater Plan Review & Approval 
Over the years, the Sediment and Stormwater Programs role has grown to include a number of additional services such as:

Agricultural Structure Conservation Plans     Sediment & Stormwater Construction Bonding 

Drainage Complaints      Rain Gardens 

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Drainage Complaints

SCD in coordination with DNREC-Watershed Stewardship/Drainage Section provides technical assistance to property owners with drainage and flooding complaints.  While SCD has no regulatory enforcement authority on this issue, the technical assistance provided by the Sediment & Stormwater Program staff has proven to be beneficial to property owners in identifying possible solutions and opportunities for funding assistance.

Rain Gardens 

The District's Sediment & Stormwater Program participates in the "Rain Gardens for the Bays"--a regional program for greening our neighborhoods and improving water quality in the Delaware Bay, Maryland's Coastal Bays, and Delaware's Inland Bays.  A rain garden is a garden located in a shallow depression near a runoff source – a downspout, driveway or paved surface – with soil that drains quickly and deep-rooted native plants and grasses that naturally absorb water and filter pollutants. According to the Center for Watershed Protection, typically about 30 percent more water from a rain soaks into the ground in a rain garden than the same size area of lawn.  Contact SCD or visit for more information.

Technical Assistance / Education & Outreach

SCD's Stormwater Staff is here to assist individual land owners, HOA's, developers and others with questions regarding Delaware's Sediment & Stormwater Regulations.  The technical assistance provided by our professional staff provides practical solutions to any stormwater issues.

SCD is always available to attend public events or meet with groups of any type and size that has an interest in sediment and stormwater issues in Sussex County.  We regularly facilitate education and outreach events on topics ranging from "Maintenance of Stormwater Ponds" to "Neighborhood Rain Gardens" to "Conservation Plans for Poultry Structures".   Contact SCD for more information.

Five Simple Steps     Green Technology BMP     Healthy Backyard     Stormwater Pond Maintenance FAQ's

Native Plant Resources

Maryland Coastal Plain Native Plants     Plants for a Liveable Delaware


PowerPoint Presentations

Maintenance Seminar 2013          Rain Gardens in the land


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