Heavy Equipment

The District's Heavy Equipment Program has been a major part of the District since its inception in 1944.  Initially, this program constructed tax ditches to provide drainage and maximize tillable land.  In Sussex County alone, there are nearly 1,400 miles of tax ditches draining nearly 59% of the county.  With increased development, these ditches provide drainge for commercial properties, subdivisions, etc.  With these projects, the impervious area is much greater than a farm field putting increased pressure on drainage ways.  Today, our emphasis has changed from construction to ditch maintenance.

The equipment program is very important to SCD's Board of Supervisors, and they want to continue to provide this service to both the agricultural community and the County as a whole.  As a result, the District has diversified this program by partnersing with U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Partners for Wildlife, Ducks Unlimited, Center for the Inland Bays, and others in constructing wildlife ponds, wetlands and wildlife habitat, and in the maintenance of sediment and stormwater ponds.  The purely agricultural mission is now expanding into the suburban setting.

As the District moves into its second 70 years, its equipment program will continue to evolve to meet the needs of a changing County.  


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