District Staff

Sussex Conservation takes great pride in our work. If you have to get in touch with any of the following representives, just click their name to send an email to that individual. 

Agriculture Conservation

Director of Ag Programs - Debbie Absher
Ag Conservation Manager - Bryan Jones
Senior Conservation Planner - Kip Foskey
Conservation Planner - Dan Holston
Conservation Planner - Claire Cooper
Conservation Planner - Owen Lenkner
Conservation Planner - Beth Williams
Conservation Planner - Jonathan Walton
Conservation Planner - Chelsea Hudson
Air Seeder Operator - Daniel Hudson
Administrative Assistant - Bobbi Heck
Receptionist - Janet Griffith

Sediment and Stormwater Program

Program Manager - Jessica Watson
Assistant Program Manager - Jim Elliott
District Inspector - Craig Mills
District Inspector - Brent Shockley
District Inspector - Toby Jackson
Plan Reviewer - Valerie Thompson
Program Secretary - Jennifer Grice

Equipment Program

Equipment Program Manager - Stephen Gissy
Project Manager - Matt Messina
Water Resource Planner - Jason Strauss
Equipment Operator - Rob Mitchell
Equipment Operator - Larry Lynch
Equipment Operator - Doug Sapp
Equipment Operator - Dennis Spencer
Equipment Operator - Steven Tyre
Laborer - Bill West


District Coordinator - David Baird
Administrative Coordinator  - Holly Swafford
Administrative Specialist - Kim Elliott
Accountant - Dan Lee

Sussex Conservation's Programs